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The Bay Of Saint Jean de LuzFor a global view of Inside Basque Mountains and the ocean Coast in a short time, we will go deep throughout charming green hills strewed with typical farms to discover quiet Ascain village, then Espelette village with its famous paprikas hung on house faces.

This paprika is wellknown and is celebrated each year for the new harvest end of October.

St Jean de Luz, a town that recieved kings (Louis XIV married Maria Theresa of Austria here in the seventeenth century), pirates, fishermen and famous travelers.
Its fishing port is still active, and the old town, full of typical labourdine architecture is steeped in history. 
We will take a walk around the town to see the house Louis XIV, lived in before his marriage, the Maison de l'Infante, the Church of St. John the Baptist, and finish with a walk along the Bay.

Guéthary a charming picturesque fishing port where time appears to stand still. This lovely old whaling port became an aristocratic resort in the Roaring Twenties when bathing in the sea first became fashionable.
It is also a renowned surf spot with the best waves at Parlementia and Alcyons.